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Our Top 5 Bow Tie Tips

With one of our best selling products being our range of printed bow ties, we decided that we should probably take a few minutes to share our top bow tie wearing tips with you – so that you can rock that dapper bow on your neck!

1 – Styling ; Keep it simple!


When wearing a bow tie, and in particular a Josef McFadden bow, we always encourage styling any of our printed design range with a simple colour scheme. Our bow ties are designed to create a statement with their heavy print and colour influence – meaning that they go best with a muted colour scheme.  To keep it simple and to get the best out of your bow, we recommend pairing it with a clean crisp white shirt and solid coloured jacket.

2 – Imperfection is key.

Ethereal Jungle Print Bow Tie by Josef McFadden : Photo by Daniel White

A good bow tie is never perfectly symmetrical. Always keep your bow tied a little more asymmetrical as opposed to getting both wings matching perfectly. Forget bow ties that are just strips of fabric with a band sewn in the middle to keep it together – these cheapen your look and don’t bode well as a dapper gentleman. Instead, go for adjustable pre tied bows  or self tie bows. The purpose of wearing a bow tie is to draw attention, so don’t fluff up on the details.

3 – Even a five year old can tie a bow tie.

What do we mean by this? If you know how to tie your own shoe laces then you should be able to tie your own bow tie. A shoelace knot is used to tie a bow tie, simple as that. Practice makes perfect so if you have a big event, don’t leave it until that day to try it out. Our pre-tied bows make life simpler for you, but we do recommend you know how to tie on anyway.

4 – Fabric Choice


Fabric quality plays a big role in how to wear your bow tie, and straying too far in the wrong direction can really ruin your look. Avoid fabrics that have too much sheen or have a badly placed motifs. Theres nothing worse than wearing a bow tie that looks like its made from a corner of a tablecloth your grandmother had – or her curtains! We recommend always sticking to a quality level when pairing your bow with your attire, a good quality bow tie just won’t look as good with a cheap shirt!

5 – Confidence

Midnight Jungle Print Bow Tie by Josef McFadden : Model – Paul Keenan : Photo by Nicholas Policarpo

Lastly, you should be confident in wearing your bow tie. Bow ties are great conversation starters and can add a bit more of a quirk to your attire. People are drawn to confidence so wear your bow with pride. We couldn’t help but share the above image again, its still one of our favourites!

You can check out our model Paul Keenans blog too by clicking here, where you will find some great fashion related posts as well as some other fantastic reads.

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