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justacardday, Just A Card Day

Just A Card Day

To help celebrate the first  ‘Just a Card’ day we have decided to take to our blog to let you know about the importance of shopping local and supporting your independent designers and stores.

While its all too easy to pick up everything you need at a local supermarket or to grab a t-shirt from top fast fashion brand on the highstreet, its all too often that consumers forget to support their independent retailers on their highstreet.  How many times you can say that you went to a large chain supermarket name and gathered a few things, and decided that you could get your fruit and veg from a local green grocer? It may be convenient but its affecting local stores who have been around for much longer and find it hard to compete with the big names. We need to help our small businesses out more.
In a mens fashion industry lead by fast fashion stores such as Topman or River Island, small independent menswear designers and retailers are struggling to keep open due to the heavy demand that is put upon them from the market giants – despite having often much more to offer the conwhy shop local? josef mcfadden, poppy blossom t-shirt made in scotland, luxury scottish menswearsumer in terms of style, individuality,construction quality  and a higher level of customer service.

‘As a small designer the biggest challenge is competing with the high street. If I had the ear of everyone in the country for a moment I would try and make them see how important it is that they buy from companies like ours. Shopping with small companies is an investment into talent, it’s better for the economy, and it supports livelihoods. Guaranteed if everyone swapped one purchase a year for a small local company, it would change the face of fashion.’

– Josef McFadden, 2016

So why buy a chain stores mass manufactured hat that is made from acrylic when you could buy into a local business that sells a product that is knitted locally and made from 100% Scottish wools? Its easy to know which we would pick.

Just A Card day celebrates the shop local and independent initiative by helping boost awareness of local designers, makers, retailers and their products. Today, on September 28th 2017, Josef McFadden is proud to be among small businesses taking to social media to support the #JustACardDay campaign and join the charge.

Its up to you, the consumer, to make a difference in your locale. No matter how small the purchase, it helps to grow a small business and enable it to flourish into something very successful, meaning that local money can go back into a local business. Next time you are out and about, have a think of what small businesses you can support on your high street or any independent online retailers that you think could be supported.


Make the difference & Support The Charge!


Visit Just A Card Campaign here.

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