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Wool Week : Campaign For Wool

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Saturday, October 7th, was the kick off for Wool Week supported by the Campaign For Wool and we have decided to start off this weeks blog content by sharing with you the importance of choosing wool – and the many wonderful qualities it boasts.

So why choose wool?

Wool is a superior natural fibre which has the ability to wick away moisture unlike its acrylic / synthetic counterpart and will keep you warm even when wet. The wool fibre is breathable so that your skin can still breath through the product and prevents you from getting stuffy.

Wool also possesses hypoallergenic qualities that make it naturally safe so that you don’t have to worry about getting any allergic reactions. Another huge plus of wool is that it is a renewable source that will always be produced providing there are sheep and grass for them to graze upon – And as a natural fibre, this means that wool has the ability to biodegrade and release nutrients back into the earth over a short break down time, which is when you compare it to acrylic is the obvious choice as plastic takes a seriously long period to break down.

At Josef McFadden, we believe in all of the strong qualities that wool has and champion its use in our knitted product range using locally sourced Scottish suppliers so that you get a quality product.

We support the Campaign for Wool and we hope that you can join us this week on our blog to read our upcoming posts on the importance of choosing wool.

Choose Wool.

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