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5 Minutes With Josef McFadden

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This week, Renfrewshire Council featured a 5 minute interview with CEO Josef McFadden where he discussed some aims for 2018. Have a read of the interview below:

You can find the original content here: http://www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/josefmcfadden

What is Josef’s business?

Josef runs a self-named textile business that designs and creates luxury printed and knitted products for the menswear fashion market.

The brand was established in early 2016 to create original statement prints using locally sourced suppliers and ethically sound products.

Why launch your own label?

I studied print in the Scottish Borders, at the Heriot-Watt School of Textiles and Design. When I finished my studies and was looking at getting a job, there didn’t seem to be many opportunities that offered much creative freedom.

I’m really not a commercial designer that can churn out 20 patterns a day. I like to spend weeks drawing and painting. The only real option was to start my own business, and this is where Josef McFadden came from: the desire to create art. That’s also who the brand is for: people who appreciate the craft and are looking for something, that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Being bold in how you dress shows confidence and self assurance.  Injecting some fun can really shake up your outlook, and how other perceive you – we want to be a brand that helps men project their personality into their appearance and create a strong impression.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you in starting a business?

The operational side of setting up a fashion business.

I’m a typical creative – I love designing but when it comes to financial forecasting, sales channels, buying seasons, courier contracts it’s been difficult.

Having the support from InCube has been great – it’s really helped me focus & the new skills & knowledge I’m gaining will help to make my business grow & become fully sustainable.

What are your plans for 2018?

I am exploring some exciting retail opportunities. I’m still doing florals and abstracts, have recently added a knitwear accessories range and there will be other new products to follow.

We are looking at shirts and suits in our clothing, small leather goods in accessories, and maybe even into some interiors. I’m definitely excited to see where we are going to be next year.

What challenges do you feel you face as a menswear designer?

As a small designer the biggest challenge is competing with the high street.

If I had the ear of everyone in the country for a moment I would try and make them see how important it is that they buy from companies like ours. Shopping with small companies is an investment into talent, it’s better for the economy, and it supports livelihoods.

I would guarantee that if everyone swapped one purchase a year for a small local company, it would change the face of fashion.

Find out more about Josef at www.josefmcfadden.com



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