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Tartan Eye Magazine: Meet Josef McFadden

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Last month Josef had the exciting opportunity of talking with Kelly from Tartan Eye. Josef spoke about his backround coming from Ireland and his journey to starting the brand.

Tartan Eye is a monthly digital and print magazine, created to inform and inspire Scots. This magazine is not aimed at a particular target audience, social class or political bias. It is a magazine for all Scots, across generations, geographies and divides.  Each issue shares current affairs, interviews, special features and campaigns with Scottish business, people and more.

July 2019 Cover featuring Josef McFadden

We particularly loved the front cover, which includes ‘Meet Scotlands OTHER Josef McFadden’. This came from a funny story which happened when the brand was starting, as many know there is a Scottish actor also called Joe McFadden. When starting our brand social platforms, we would often receive lots of his fan mail and questions from his fans asking if it was him starting a clothing line.

You can read the interview in tartan eye here: http://bit.ly/2SW3MeN

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