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We Love: Millie Scott Bespoke

If you have been following us on social media for a while, you will be pretty familiar with this brand name and our love for it. Millie Scott is a designer based on the East coast of Scotland in Dubar who creates beautifully crafted products that are made from 100% reclaimed or recycled materials.

 ” I make womenswear and accessories using repurposed/recycled fabrics /offcuts /sample swatches ~ basically any beautiful fabric I can get hold of that can be repurposed/reused. I believe beautiful products can be made by using what has already been produced. ”

– Millie Scott

For a number of years since our launch, we have been working with Millie Scott Bespoke to reduce our impact and waste by sending her many of our offcuts so that she can add them into her creations. Over the years Millie has turned things like our etched leather samples into beautifully crafted clutch bags, accessories and more. From even the tiniest of fabric offcuts produced from our bowtie production, Millie has found a use for them in repairs, patching and giving longevity to her clients garments with them.

Millie champions make use and repair and always voices her opinions on methods and ways to upcycle, mend and give new life to garments / accessories that you just can’t part with yet or haven’t worn in years. If you have something in your closet that needs mending, Millie Scott Bespoke provide a range of ethical repair and mend services that will keep a much loved garment being worn, rather than tossed away.

Here are some of Millie’s creations using our fabrics, all of which are very limited in the amount produced or are one-offs, so they are very special investments for your wardrobe:

All of these bags are available at the link on Millie Scott Bespoke’s instagram here. Click here to Shop.

You can also pick up some amazing reclaimed leather tassel keyring from her store too (which we swear by, they are the only thing that keep our keys safe!).

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