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Bespoke Services

”I discovered Josef McFadden on instagram and thought they would make the perfect ties for my wedding. Working with Josef was super easy and he made the process of designing bespoke simple. The finished prints had our wedding flowers included in the print which tied everything together on the big day down to every detail.”

-Marcus, New York

”I was so impressed by the detail of the print and the illustration skills, they made the perfect tie for my dads birthday! Thank you!”

-Oliver, Edinburgh

”Received the new tie and it is absolutely perfect. The quality was superb and I will definitely be wanting more customs to add to my collection”

-Alan, Glasgow

The perfect gift to give, unique and a piece of personal art.

We are proud to offer clients and customers our bespoke designs service. Have you ever wanted to having your own one a kind piece of wearable art created? With our service, you can now have that special piece for your wardrobe or home. We will create and consult with you along every step of the process. We will work together from initial concepts, drawings,, sampling and final manufacturing all within your budget.

To get started, why not get in touch with our studio and share your visions with us. All you need is a simple concept for what you would like your print to be of and a selection of some colours you think you would like for your design. We are always standing by to help assist and consult on concepts and colour palettes if you ever need assistance during the process.



Like all of our prints that we sell on our products, we want our customers to have that one of a kind feeling through the artwork that they commission to be created. Your artwork can be of anything, as long as it is suited to the design you have in mind, and can be made to any scale or colour you wish. When you are happy with your artwork and have approved the inital drawings, we then move on to designing your one of a kind print layout, all with your input and inspiration.


From a range of fabrics and colours, you can have tester samples of your design created to show scale, quality of colours and artwork shipped to your home with designer notes and suggestions all awaiting your opinions and approval to finalise your one of a kind print design.


After approving the sample packs, it is then on to producing the final length of fabric(s) either for a product of your choice from our list or to use it for whatever you see fit for your design. And whats best about this service, noone will ever have the same print, its totally personal to you.

Want to get started?

Get in touch with our studio now and share your ideas with us.


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