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A few weeks ago we were delighted to be accepted to be a business supported by Fox & Co. Fox & Co is a purveyor for luxury Scottish manufacturing and helps promote Scottish design businesses as well as create pop up shop opportunities for selected designers. As a business local to Galashiels, we were offered the chance to stock within a small store on the high street in Galashiels for two weeks selling

With the Autumn season well and truly upon us, we decided to make this weeks “We Love” about the accessory of the season: The scarf. Nestled in the Scottish Borders in the town of Galashiels, Sinclair Duncan is a scarf company selling luxury cashmere scarves and accessories. Although establish in 2012, Sinclair Paterson, company director, is a 2nd generation textile craftsman. With his wife, Debbie Paterson, they have taken archived weave patterns from

Thank you to everyone who came to our stand during the Creative Coathanger Festival in the Scottish borders over the weekend. We loved having a talk with everyone who stopped by and we hope you enjoy your purchases from our business. It was the perfect opportunity for us to give the public of the Scottish Borders a sneak preview into some new ORIGIN prints that are soon to be available on our

Keeping our 'We Love' theme Scottish this week once again, we are sharing with you a very dapper business which goes by the name of 'Buck & Hare' Buck & Hare are a Glasgow based fashion brand who specialize in designing and creating tailored garments for dandy gentlemen and ladies. What we love about this brand is the use of textured fabrics such as beautiful traditional tweeds and the sharp cuts that are designed

As part of a new series we will be hosting here on our blog, we are going to be looking at some of the small businesses that we love and support! The first in our 'We love' series is Westburn & Granite. This wonderful business is a local to Aberdeen, grooming and lifestyle brand which was set up in the Summer of 2015. Using a range of tried and tested concentrated batches, using only

For the past few months we have been working alongside ‘Visit Galashiels’ to create a tourist map which is totally illustrated and painted rather than using photographs. And while we are know more so for our take on floral illustration and print design – we have to admit we did jump at the chance to illustrate some of the fantastic local business fronts in Galashiels – in the beautiful Scottish Borders. Many area’s

”Josef McFadden is set to disrupt the industry with an arsenal of illustration.”   A few weeks ago we had the Scottish Bitches , a Fashion & Lifestyle blog , get in touch with us for an interview! You can read our interview now on their website which includes our thoughts on menswear and our plans for the year!

'Josef McFadden - Textile Talent' Check out this fantastic blog post where our Midnight Tangle bow tie features on The Keenan One Blog. As well as great images of our statement bow on models, there is also a small interview where you can get to know us a little bit better! We first heard from Keenan when we used Instagram to search for potential brand ambassadors for Josef McFadden – and Keenan was one

A few weeks prior to our official launch we had put out a search for a brand ambassador for Josef McFadden to the Instagram community. Our aim was to get men with a strong look and feel for creative fashion and a love of print. Over the few days after the post had been uploaded, Marcus Hok got in touch with us to let us know about his interest in our brand. We

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