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Care Information

For information on how to care for our different types of product, please see the list below for instructions.


To prolong the quality and longevity of our garments, we recommend you dry clean them. When ironing, always use the appropriate setting on your iron and begin to apply heat to the reverse of your garment. Always look at the specific care instructions on the garment that you receive for more accurate care instructions.


All of our knitted accessories are made from 100% shetland wool and lambswool. These fibres are very delicate and appropriate care must be taken if required to clean them. We recommend always hand washing your Josef McFadden knitted accessories in cold water, as washing in hot water will cause the wool fibres to felt and results in shrinkage. When soaked, leave to air dry flat while reshaping if required.


All of our bowties and ties are DRY CLEAN ONLY.

Always dry clean your pocketsquares to prolong quality, colour and fabric handle. Iron lightly on reverse using your irons silk setting.

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