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The latest issue of MILL MAGAZINE is out now - and what's even more exciting is its a double issue! In issue 10, you can find Josef's STYLE page which features a mask style masterclass. Read more below. ''In this months issue, Im going to be talking masks. The must have accessory of 2020, and with good reason.You can’t avoid masks in 2020. So much of my daily life is trying to forget

YOUR CHANCE TO WIN YOUR FINISHED ART ON ONE OF OUR ALL OVER PRINT T-SHIRTS With the country under lockdown and us spending so much more time indoors, Josef McFadden is setting YOU the task of colouring in our Paisley inspired colouring page. DETAILS: Anyone can join in, but our winner will be aged between 4 - 12 years oldPrint Out The Colouring Sheet BelowYou can do whatever you like (pens, pencils, paint etc)

Last month Josef had the exciting opportunity of talking with Kelly from Tartan Eye. Josef spoke about his backround coming from Ireland and his journey to starting the brand. Tartan Eye is a monthly digital and print magazine, created to inform and inspire Scots. This magazine is not aimed at a particular target audience, social class or political bias. It is a magazine for all Scots, across generations, geographies and divides.  Each issue shares current

If you have been following us on social media for a while, you will be pretty familiar with this brand name and our love for it. Millie Scott is a designer based on the East coast of Scotland in Dubar who creates beautifully crafted products that are made from 100% reclaimed or recycled materials.  '' I make womenswear and accessories using repurposed/recycled fabrics /offcuts /sample swatches ~ basically any beautiful fabric I

After the release of our Pàislig print a few months ago, it seemed natural to move towards a city that we love and spend a lot of our time in - Glasgow. Introducing our GLASGOW print. . . . We have launched a new print available in two colourways that showcase some of our favourite Glaswegian iconography in greyscale and Clyde blue. All of the illustrations in this new design have been

Ever wanted to try your hand at watercolour painting? We will be holding a drop in style workshop in July in Paisley, where you can come and give it a go! This is a beginner workshop, so don't fear if you have never painted before or if you have no experience in drawing. Our workshop will be held alongside other creative events as part of the SMA Shots Weekend where you can come

The new Pàislig print on one of our handmade bowties. A Very Literal Paisley Print We have been busy in 2019 designing a new Paisley print, but this time its more of a literal Paisley print - as its based on where our studio is located. Introducing our 'Paislig' print. The Greyscale Pàislig Print Bow Designed and illustrated by Josef McFadden, this print is heavily inspired by the architecture of Paisley and the structure of

With Valentine's day nearly upon us, we have put together a short gift guide for our top gifts from JOSEF MCFADDEN, to gift to your significant other. Who doesn't love receiving a gift, and we have plenty to choose from! STANLEY PRINT TIE A top pick straight from our PIONEER collection, we finish all of our ties off by hand in our Paisley based studio, and is proving to be one of our most

This week we are getting involved in the Just A Card Week Campaign which runs from June 18th - June 22nd 2018. "If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we'd still be open" The Just A Card campaign is celebrating its 3rd birthday this week and to celebrate, lots of designers, retailers and makers are getting involved on social media to share behind the scenes looks at their businesses

Today is #WorldBeeDay . No better day to celebrate a creature that has made its way into many of our prints as a small running theme. Little did we know that when we first designed our Dark Floral Opulence collection and decided to throw a tiny little bumblebee into our 'Midnight Tangle' print that we would unknowingly make a habit of adding this bee to at least 1 print in our 2 collections after

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