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Ethics and sustainability

We care about trying to lower our environmental foot print and try our best to minimise our use of plastics in the manufacturing process and with our suppliers. We want our customers to be aware that we consciously always want to increase our sustainability and create eco-friendly made in Britain products for our customers.

Fabric Waste & Offcuts

Where possible, we salvage offcuts and trimmings from our in house production and manufacturing, we then give these offcuts to small designers who offer repair, visible mending and upcycling services so that as little as possible is wasted during our process. Where possible we also use our own offcuts to produce small accessories for our stockists and custom creations to minimise waste. Our digital print suppliers often offer fabric bag offcuts, where customers just pay the postage, so that they can use the offcuts for their own zero waste projects and creative work.

Digital Printed Products

Our digital print products include our all over pattern t-shirts, ties, bow ties and pattern heavy surfaces. These are all digitally printed in the UK in a facility that use eco-friendly inks in a water-free printing process which has no gas supplied to it. Our digital printers source from the EU where possible and only use FSC certified materials and fabrics. We use a combination of digital print, sublimation print and rotary to create our fabrics. All inks are non-toxic, often printed with vegetable based inks, so they care for their environmental footprint and want to reduce their waste and have a clean production process.

Made To Order

The majority of our products are made to order, this means that as soon as you confirm your purchase with us, we begin processing the order and print it and manufacturing begins. This allows us to keep our production and carbon foot print to a minimum and only create products when ordered. However, we do on occasion create small limited runs of stock for events and stands when selling. We produce nothing more than we need.

Screen-Printed Products

We use water-based non toxic inks that are cured in our studio with heat. Our screen printed t-shirts and long sleeves are printed on 100% organic cotton because of its soft handle. Our tote bags are fair trade and are sourced in the UK. Our screen printing process does not create unnecessary waste as our production and set up workflow mean we are printing precisely onto our products which are already cut to size and carefully considered so there is no waste.

Knitted Products

Our knitted hats and scarves are produced in Paisley in our studio using yarns that have been spun and dyed in the North of Scotland. Each process after the yarn comes to us as a cone takes place in Paisley, from the knitting, the hand sewing in of ends, the washing, blocking and labelling.

We often create one-off scarves and hats for some of our stockists using reclaimed yarns or combining small quantities of wool to create limited edition products which ensure no yarn goes wasted.

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